Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My letter to Gloria Lindsay Luby

Good afternoon,

I am voicing my displeasure for your absenteeism on the vote regarding rapid transit in Toronto.  Your time as ward 4 councillor in Toronto continues to show that you have one item on your agenda only and that is your own self benefit of remaining at city hall to collect your cheques and soon to be pension.  You have absolutely no interest for the constituents in your ward that voted for you (I openly admit to never voting for you) when you knowingly schedule a vacation during the week of a predetermined meeting involving such an important issue.  Side stepping this vote clearly indicates that you were more concerned with your own political health, than that of the city and its citizens.

A councillors duty is to serve the constituents of his or her ward, not their own personal benefit.  In 4 terms, you have yet to show any regards to your constituents. 

In your election platform, you praised how you were able to
“Successfully pressured the Province and Metrolinx to consider burying the LRT in Etobicoke. Will continue to fight for transportation that is right and safe for Etobicoke.”
How can you successfully pressure metrolinx yet side step a vote that would promote LRT across the city?

I firmly believe the confidence from your constituents in your ward has been lost.  Mine was lost long ago.  As such, I believe it is in your best interest to begin fighting and following your election platforms and cease to ride the coat tails of the “popular” decisions in order that you may achieve re-election.

If you are unable to stick to your platforms and promises to your constituents and you continue to make decisions based on a self benefit agenda, it should be in your best interest to step down as Ward 4 councillor.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Peoples Jewellers

Good God all fucking mighty!

You really want men to have absolutely no money, do you?

For those who don't know, Peoples Jewellers released their newest commercial just in time for Valentines day where the shit for brains too much money in my pocket boyfriend somehow gets the waiter to sneak diamond jewellery under her napkin without replacing it with cubic zirconian and fucking off before the end of his shift.

I'll have to give the actress credit in this commercial.  She absolutely nails (pun intended) the "I'm going to fuck the shit out of you tonight but you better fucking top this on my fucking birthday and our anniversary" look.

So guys, just another reason for you to listen to hours of bitching from your g/f, s/o, wives about why you never get them anything.

(In the time it took me to write this, I've pictured banging the commercial actress about a 1/2 dozen times minimum)

In the mean time. Until the next time something pisses me off . . .

Poor me personalities

Give it a fucking rest!

Waaaay too many fucking people living their life by that mantra these days. "oh, look what happened bad to me, be nice to me and help me out!"  I can spot you fuckers out from miles away, yet I still sometimes sympatize with you.  It happens to all of us, they play their cards, take your chips and walk away when you run out.  Then move onto the next sucker. Fucking leeches!

I don't give a rats ass what happened to you in the past. I see inspirational stories all the time of people who overcame adversity to become successful.  They didn't poor me everyone to death, they took their life by the horns and rode it.

Too many people these days think they're fucking owed something in life and because of it, their entire life actions are based on extracting what they are owed from other people.

Compassion, Love, Caring, Selflessness, Empathy are all emotions that are becoming obsolete, yet people continue to throw the fucking words out like they fucking care.

Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Apathy, Wrath, Envy, Pride, Vanity are all words you SHOULD be using.

If all you idiots think that you guys don't practice any of those, then you probably practice it the most.  I'm guilty of them on occasion, and am willing to admit that, but I don't depend on them to live my life.

Final: I'm not calling EVERYONE an idiot.  The ones that are though, will know who they are after they read this.

Until the next time I'm pissed off . . .

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tim Hortons heart shaped donuts, seriously?

Honestly, what marketing fucking genious thought it was a great idea to make heart shape donuts with cute sprinkles on top and God knows what's inside?

I mean, I'm sure they taste delicious, but who's gonna buy the fucking thing?  You really expect me to walk in, buy it, and give it to the hot blonde I see on the subway frequently with a hallmark card "thinking of you"?  Sure, if I've decided to become abstinent again.

I can't even include the fucking donut in a dozen to bring to my co-workers.  It's getting left behind, and the desperate single guy that bought the cholesterol in a box should be the guy to eat it.  Either that or you'll get the entire department cutting it into a million pieces so "everyone can have one" or translation: we don't want anyone in here to know we're not happy with our fucking marriage or that this little piece of heaven is better than any fuck I've gotten since last Valentines.

So who do you market it to? Who knows? I'd probably make myself a bums ransom if I got a loonie for every person that "it's for the kids"ed it if anyone even shot them a half second glance while they were paying for one.  Fuck, I'm half embarrassed to order a maple donut with a chili combo.

That's my rant for the day, or whenever something else pisses me off.